Cultivating Mindful Awareness - Transforming Depression and Anxiety | Befriending Emotions

Lee Lipp, Ph.D.

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2016 Befriending Your Pain

Transforming our Relationship to Depression, Anxiety, Physical and Emotional Pain, With Mindfulness and Compassion

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Dr. Lee L. Lipp

Ever feel overwhelmed and alone, debilitated by powerful waves of anxiety, fear, physical pain and depression? Experiencing painful states such that your mind and emotions feel out of control? Feeling caught in certain restrictive mind-body habits, there may be a belief that there is no escape from them. Even in the midst of life’s unavoidable ups-and-downs, freedom from suffering is possible. In this course, there's the possibility to discover how to “re-sculpt” the brain to be free of reactive mind-body patterns and experience a deeper authentic connection, presence and vitality.

This online course is designed to assist participants to:

  • Build the capacity to be with emotional and physical pain and distress with strength and courage
  • Learn new skills that lead to untangling painful thoughts and self-criticism
  • Cultivate self-confidence and self-esteem as you practice using re-sculpting tools
  • Release limiting story lines that you and others have told you about yourself
  • Learn to offer compassion and acceptance to yourself and others
  • Cultivate a natural experience of peace, ease and well-being
  • Feel better and have a deeply satisfying relationship to life

This course is offered for everyone, whether having difficulty with emotional and/or physical pain or simply want to understand and befriend the nature of the mind and emotions. No meditation experience is required.

The content for this course includes video recordings, audio recordings, written materials and possibilities to have a private discussion with one of the teachers. This course can be done at your own pace and will be available to you for three months thereafer.

This course is available to everyone regardless of their financial means. Full details about the course can be found here.

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